At Johnson-Laux we are confident we have the preventive measures in place to attain a successful accident free record for your construction project.

Safety Program

Workplace safety is of prime importance to Johnson-Laux.  We make the safety and health of our employees the first consideration in operating our business.  Safety and health must be a part of every operation and a part of every employee’s responsibility at all levels.  We intend to comply with all laws concerning the operation of business and the health and safety of our employees and the public.  To do this, we must constantly be aware of conditions that can result in injuries.

No employee is required to work at a job known to be unsafe or dangerous.  One of the conditions of our employees is their willingness to cooperate in detecting, reporting, and controlling dangerous situations and workplace hazards.  They are required to notify their supervisor immediately of any dangerous situation that is beyond their ability or authority to correct.  They are not disciplined or suffer any retaliation for reporting a safety violation in good faith.

Johnson-Laux has set a zero lost-time injury goal; everyone’s efforts are an important part of our reaching this objective.

Safety – Technical Approach

The Johnson-Laux approach to project safety is a simple one; we ask that all employees and personnel place “Safety First.” Safety requires teamwork. No one person alone can ensure a safe environment. Because it is a collaborative effort, Johnson-Laux involves every individual in making safety the top priority. Through continuing safety education, Johnson-Laux demonstrates to our clients the numerous benefits of having a safe project.  Johnson-Laux requires all field supervision to complete the 30-Hour OSHA Construction Outreach Training course.  Additional safety courses are assigned to keep our supervisors current on changing safety regulations. Additionally, subcontractors are required to exceed minimum OSHA and safety requirements on our construction projects. With this approach, Johnson-Laux has had an outstanding safety record, and we will continue to put “Safety First.”

Johnson-Laux has a long-standing practice of rewarding safety performance for individuals and groups.  We recently completed an incentive program for our field personnel to complete their OSHA 30 Hour Certification. It offered company-wide recognition and individual plaques for completion. Knowing how important safety is to the way we do business, we continue to look for ways to reward employees who show excellence in construction through their dedication to a safe working environment.

Our safety program is written and implemented in hopes of achieving zero incidents on your jobsite. The safety professionals from our insurance broker and company have been involved in helping us with our safety program. Safety is implemented and monitored by our in-house Safety Department and our insurance broker, insurance company and OSHA Consultation safety professionals. While every jobsite has personnel who are responsible for safety, assessment of project specific safety requirements before any work begins on site reveals if a full-time, dedicated Safety Coordinator is necessary.

Johnson-Laux expects its employees, subcontractors, tier subcontractors and any other personnel working on our jobsites observe safe work habits. Functioning as a team, we work with our subcontractors to promote jobsite safety. Johnson-Laux’s safety policy is designed to eliminating accidents and to hold each person responsible for a safe work area.

Every project is unique. Our in-house Risk Management department provides our on-site teams with customized safety management information. We also utilize additional safety vendors occasionally to perform safety inspections and offering a critical eye for construction hazards. Johnson-Laux also utilizes OSHA Consultation safety services.

There will always be safety challenges and advancements in the construction industry. At Johnson-Laux we are confident we have the preventive measures in place to attain a successful accident free record for your construction project. Our safety principles are firm and our safety program is backed by a written company policy. Our commitment to a zero-incident, drug-free working environment extends from our central office to each branch office and field operation. Our project teams and jobsite supervision are expected to lead by example, putting safety first in their daily work activities by exemplifying excellence in jobsite safety.

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