Our team has a thorough understanding of the design-build methodology, allowing maximum constructability and schedule compliance without stifling design.

We believe that design-build is more than a method of combining A/E teams with general contractors under one contract.  Rather, it is a collaborative effort where the success of each party is directly tied to that of the overall team.  This motivates the designer to support the contractor, and in turn the contractor supports the designer, from NTP through occupancy.

With design and construction phases that overlap, bidding periods are integrated into the process more efficiently.  The costly redesign process is eliminated, resulting in a drastic reduction of the total time for design and construction.  These characteristics lend themselves perfectly to the fast-track method of construction.

Representatives from each member of the Design-Build Team will meet to develop the risk parameters in detail, prioritize them, and prepare risk mitigation processes. The focus will be on the end product as built and commissioned, and a step-by-step approach that deals with every event that might impact on a successful end product.  This process requires team members to have a thorough understanding of the design-build methodology, thus allowing maximum constructability and schedule compliance without stifling the design aesthetic.

The Design-Build Team approach to the Projects and task on the contract will center on the single most important element to a design-build project – effective and timely communication. The team’s objective for this project is to combine the forces of the design team, construction team, and the Government to provide cost-effective, timely, and responsive solutions for this project.

The Design-Build Team offers an unparalleled level of experience including:

  • A careful management approach involving constant client communication.
  • Attentive cost and schedule control using an efficient process to provide the highest value.
  • A track record of meeting demanding client expectations for other successful task order projects across the country.


To make any technical approach to construction work well we believe the Partnering Program is the best way to go.  The program generates a set of mutually agreed Team and Government goals that will set the pace for the design completion review and approval process.  This will dictate the frequency and location of the design review meetings required.  The overall “fast-track” effort will be coordinated using our detailed master schedule that will integrate design, submittal, and approval, procurement, and installation activities for each work item.  Our Design-Build Team will develop this schedule.  This will provide a method for identifying long-lead materials and other activities that require expediting and/or special treatment.

Our Team will track and communicate progress status on a weekly basis, or even more frequently during critical periods of the project.  Team meetings will be held weekly during the design completion phase to assure the design is constructible and that equipment and materials being designed or planned for meet or exceed the design criteria.  Design completion team meetings will be “departmentalized” to facilitate on-board reviews.  For example, the mechanical design-build subcontractor will meet separately with the mechanical designers to provide greater meeting efficiency and productivity.  These on-board review meetings have proven very successful on previous fast-track projects with very tight schedules.

In preparation for these design completion review meetings, we will hold weekly Pre-Review and Approval Telephone Conferences with selected individuals from Government, the user groups, key members of the design team, and the design-assist subcontractors.  Action items with key member assignments will be identified and logged to resolve and monitor outstanding issues.

Construction Team Involvement in the Design Phase

During the design phase, the construction team will perform feasibility, constructability, and scheduling reviews to ensure the drawings reflect the budget and schedule, as well as the owner’s quality expectations as defined by the contract documents. Key design elements and subcontractor packages will be evaluated for coordination and cost compliance.

Design professionals and primary trade subcontractors will meet regularly to discuss the design progress and eliminate scope creep. The structural, mechanical, and electrical subcontractors are included on this team as design-build subcontractors. Collaboration with these primary trade subcontractors has commenced to develop a series of design solutions, betterments, and independent project options.

Involvement of the major subcontractors from the outset allows the team to collectively choose the appropriate materials and equipment that meet the quality and performance parameters. The respective designers will work with the major subcontractors to select the materials and equipment that best meet the requirements of the RFP and the established quality levels. Equipment is chosen early in the process, and the design is completed for the equipment chosen.

Design Team Involvement in the Construction Phase

The Construction Administration phase of any project is always a critical aspect of the building process. A firm with personnel experienced in construction can assist in meeting quality, cost, and schedule goals. We have a dedicated team of construction administrators, with a balance of architecture and construction backgrounds that are qualified to make the best decisions.

The involvement of the construction administrator in the project begins during the design process. This engagement will ensure that the construction administrator has an in-depth knowledge of the goals for the project. When the project transitions from design to construction, the construction administrator maintains daily involvement in the project. This ensures that overall project continuity will be maintained and that the Government’s goals and objectives established in the design phase remain the primary focus.

It is the Design-Build Team’s goal to produce a quality-finished product that results in project completion conforming to all aspects of the owner’s needs and expectations.  Essential elements outlining the quality approach include leadership, planning, teamwork, training, accountability, communication, and coordination.  Our Quality Management Plan (QMP) will ensure that we are meeting the needs of the Government at all stages of the design process.

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