Johnson-Laux currently has ezIQC contracts available for use in Florida, Georgia,
South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Minnesota.

Everything you need to know about ezIQC:


  1. ezIQC is an Indefinite Quantity Construction Contract Based on Job Order Contracting (“JOC”)
  2. ezIQC was introduced in 2008 for cooperative purchasing
  3. ezIQC has hundreds of contracts currently in use
  4. Over $1.5 Billion in construction placed annually through Gordian JOC/ezIQC systems
  5. ezIQC provides:
    1. A fast track procurement process
    2. Facility owners with the ability to accomplish a substantial number of individual projects with a single competitively bid construction contract
    3. On-call contractors ready to perform a series of ongoing projects at different locations for competitively bid prices
  6. Types of Work Performed with ezIQC
    1. Small to medium sized renovation, repair, upgrade, alteration and replacement in kind projects
    2. Typical project size: >$10,000 – $150,000, however there is no limit to contract size.
  7. Owners Use ezIQC to Save Time
    1. Cost Effective Alternative to the Traditional Bid
    2. Faster Procurement – Weeks Instead of Months.
    3. Owner-Contractor Partnership = Non-Adversarial Relationship
  8. Owners Use ezIQC to Save Time
    1. Cost of construction: 3-6%
      1. Contractor offers discount because bidding a large volume of work, not one small project
      2. Overhead and profit spread over entire value of contract
    2. Lower procurement and administrative costs: 1-2%
      1. ezIQC eliminates the need to use the full procurement cycle for each and every project
    3. Fewer change orders and claims: 1-2%
      1. Joint scoping process eliminates misunderstandings about Detailed Scope of Work
      2. Contractor responsible for errors and omissions
    4. Reduction of A/E fee: 3-5%
      1. Currently many small projects are “designed” primarily for procurement purposes IDIQ – need finalized content
  9. Johnson-Laux currently has ezIQC contracts available for use in the following states. Click a state to visit that ezIQC page.
    1. Florida
    2. Georgia
      1. Gordian ezIQC page
      2. Case Study – Energy Savings Project (PPT download)
    3. Minnesota
    4. NE Ohio
      1. Gordian ezIQC page
    5. SW Ohio
    6. South Carolina
    7. Tennessee

We look forward to working with you. Visit the Johnson-Laux ezIQC page.

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